A Harry Potter Baby Shower

Harry Potter Baby Shower Theme


Few people love Harry Potter as much as I do. Okay that’s probably an overstatement because millions of people love Harry Potter, but when I meet a fellow HP kindred spirit, I get really excited. My friend Bailey is one of those people! I knew that her level of HP fanaticism was as intense as mine so when I heard that she was doing an HP themed nursery for her little one, I knew that we needed to throw an amazing baby shower for her!

Some friends and I collaborated, divvying up the to-dos and put together what turned out to be a truly beautiful and epic Harry Potter baby shower.

Harry Potter Baby Shower Photo Booth

Harry Potter Baby Shower Photo Booth with props.

Harry Potter Baby Shower Wands

Harry Potter Baby Shower Pretzel Wands.

Harry Potter Baby Shower Butterbeer Cupcakes

Butterbeer Cupcakes

Harry Potter baby shower treats

Anything from the trolley car? Chocolate frogs, licorice wands, every flavor beans and lemon drops made for sweet baby shower treats!

Harry Potter baby shower platform

Platform 9 and 3/4 served as a photo booth back drop for our wizarding guests.

Harry Potter baby shower butterbeer

Butterbeer with gold sprinkles.

Harry Potter Baby Shower sorting

Our sorting ceremony involved the “sorting fedora” and drawing houses from the fishbowl.

Harry Potter baby shower snacks

Herbology Bites, Hogs Head Cornished Balls and Golden Snitches.

Harry Potter baby shower feast

A feast for our guests. Trolley treats, wands, and more.

Harry Potter themed baby shower decorations.

Harry Potter themed baby shower decorations.

Harry Potter baby shower house portraits

Guests were sorted into houses and given ties in their house colors. We took house pictures with the photo booth back drop.

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