Welcome to the World

On May 21, 2017 at 7:19 a.m., Arlo Nicholas Saxton made his debut two weeks early (I was exactly 38 weeks). After laboring for about 24 hours (from the time my water broke until the time we realized he wasn’t coming out vaginally), I ended up having a cesarian section, but I don’t have many complaints. Other than him getting stuck, my labor was fairly uneventful and didn’t hurt nearly as much as I feared (thank you epidural – but even that I waited quite a while for).

Our hearts grew with our family that day. I imagine it the way the Grinch’s heart grew and broke the X-ray frame, that’s how it felt anyway. So much love in our little family.

Welcome to the World, Arlo!

Arlo Birth Announcement

Adventures in Pregnancy: Gender Reveal

In January, right around the 20-week mark, we found out we were having a baby boy! We asked our family to tell us their official guess ahead of time and tallied whether they thought it was going to be a “witch” (girl) or a “wizard” (boy). Overwhelming, our family thought it was a girl, so we surprised them big time with our announcement.

Interestingly, I’ve heard that pregnant women sometimes dream (correctly) about the gender of the baby. Maybe this is intuition at work, or maybe it’s just a coincidence but the night before our doctor appointment I had a very bizarre dream that in order to find out the baby’s gender they had to deliver the baby and then reinsert him into my uterus to finish cooking. In that dream, the baby was a boy. Before that I had been split between whether I thought it would be a boy or a girl, more leaning toward a girl in the beginning but was interested to see if my dream turned out to be true (well the gender part anyway). Turns out it was!

Here are our gender reveal photos, announcing our little wizard!

Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal 2

Adventures in Pregnancy: My First Trimester

First, I’d like to start this by saying that I had every intention of blogging my way through my pregnancy and sharing weekly updates. But then life happens and I my best-laid plans got derailed. Mostly for two reasons. First, it was all I could do to just go to work every day, get home, take a nap, try to eat and then go to bed in my first trimester. Second, I didn’t feel like there was anything particularly unique or strange about my pregnancy that warranted writing about, honestly, once we got past the first few weeks, it was pretty uneventful that first trimester.
Getting Pregnant:
Backing up a little further, let’s go back to the very beginning. Getting pregnant is tricky business. I started tracking when I was due to ovulate, researched the right kinds of foods to eat and best yoga positions for fertility and we were on our way. It took a full year after I went off the birth control and about 9 months of trying regularly. I remember thinking to myself, “If I’m not pregnant this month I’m going to the doctor to see what’s going on.” And then the delightful “Pregnant” displayed on the home test!

Pregnancy Test
I knew that the doctor’s don’t really want to see you right away so I waited a little while to call. Unfortunately, in the next week or so after getting the positive test, I had some cramping and a little bit of spotting. I know this is fairly normal early on, but one night I got cramps so bad that I started sweating and shaking so I called the doctor the next day. They did an ultrasound and blood tests and found that even though the math suggested that I should be around 7 weeks pregnant, I was really closer to 5 weeks. I have irregular cycles so it was hard to nail down at first. But after a few weeks of follow-ups, everything was progressing normally. I was legit pregnant, or as Juno would say “For shiz up the spout.”
Keeping it under wraps:
It’s really hard to keep things under wraps those first few months. First, because many of our friends knew that we were trying and so whenever we went out I had to make realistic excuses for why I wasn’t drinking. My favorite excuse that I used was that I was feeling really gassy and bloated and didn’t feel like drinking. It’s super funny to see reactions when you tell someone you’re gassy. By the way, that was 100 percent true, I just didn’t tell them that the reason I was so gassy and bloated was because I was pregnant.
Sidebar: If you’re wondering if someone is pregnant, and you know they are trying (or even if you don’t know), please don’t ask. It’s so annoying to have to either lie or tell someone before you’re ready when you flat out get asked if you’re pregnant. This happened to me at least three times and it was so frustrating.
First Trimester Symptoms:
My main symptoms during early pregnancy were extreme exhaustion (forget working out ever, all I wanted to do was sleep) and nausea. I didn’t actually ever throw up in my first trimester, but I was almost constantly nauseous and most of the time I had to force myself to eat because I knew I needed to, but nothing sounded good.
The Big Announcement:
While it’s hard to keep things secret, there was a part of me that just wanted to keep this between me and my husband for as long as possible. I was really excited but then once it’s out in the world, it’s not just yours anymore and you also have to come to grips with “what if something happens?”
There is so much pressure around how you tell people these days. We decided to avoid that and went the simple route. My parents are divorced so we told each group separately but in the same week. And we wanted to do it in person so the first group came over for dinner during the week, and we went to the other group a few days later for dinner (we were going to be there anyway to see my brother perform in a play, so it was perfect timing).
We made sure to ask (almost) everyone not to say anything until we publicly announced it ourselves. Unfortunately, we forgot to mention that tidbit to one person who promptly posted about it on Facebook.
Note to loved ones out there: I know you’re excited, but this is not your news to share. Wait until you’ve seen something posted on the parents’ pages before you go spreading the word on their behalf. Not cool.
Luckily, we didn’t have too many common connections and the news was still a surprise a week later when we made the reveal!


Our Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement.