A Harry Potter Baby Shower

Harry Potter Baby Shower Theme


Few people love Harry Potter as much as I do. Okay that’s probably an overstatement because millions of people love Harry Potter, but when I meet a fellow HP kindred spirit, I get really excited. My friend Bailey is one of those people! I knew that her level of HP fanaticism was as intense as mine so when I heard that she was doing an HP themed nursery for her little one, I knew that we needed to throw an amazing baby shower for her!

Some friends and I collaborated, divvying up the to-dos and put together what turned out to be a truly beautiful and epic Harry Potter baby shower.

Harry Potter Baby Shower Photo Booth

Harry Potter Baby Shower Photo Booth with props.

Harry Potter Baby Shower Wands

Harry Potter Baby Shower Pretzel Wands.

Harry Potter Baby Shower Butterbeer Cupcakes

Butterbeer Cupcakes

Harry Potter baby shower treats

Anything from the trolley car? Chocolate frogs, licorice wands, every flavor beans and lemon drops made for sweet baby shower treats!

Harry Potter baby shower platform

Platform 9 and 3/4 served as a photo booth back drop for our wizarding guests.

Harry Potter baby shower butterbeer

Butterbeer with gold sprinkles.

Harry Potter Baby Shower sorting

Our sorting ceremony involved the “sorting fedora” and drawing houses from the fishbowl.

Harry Potter baby shower snacks

Herbology Bites, Hogs Head Cornished Balls and Golden Snitches.

Harry Potter baby shower feast

A feast for our guests. Trolley treats, wands, and more.

Harry Potter themed baby shower decorations.

Harry Potter themed baby shower decorations.

Harry Potter baby shower house portraits

Guests were sorted into houses and given ties in their house colors. We took house pictures with the photo booth back drop.

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Why You Need a Wedding Planner (Even if you think you don’t)

flowers-desk-office-vintageWedding planning is a stressful business. According to Forbes.com, event planners rank 8th in the top 10 most stressful jobs (just below military, police officers and firefighters). It’s easy to think you can do it all on your own, and many people do. But if you have the option, here is a great article written by a bride who chose not to go the wedding planner route and wished she had for many reasons, including:

  • Weddings aren’t always fun.
  • Wedding planning is stressful.
  • Wedding planners have more experience choosing vendors.
  • Wedding planning takes time.
  • Things do go wrong at the last minute (and you don’t want to be the one putting out fires on your wedding day).
  • Wedding planners can actually help you with your budget.

To hear it in her own words check out the article here! 


4 Twitter Handles to Follow for Planning Inspiration

2546487586_12d377818c_oWe’re all looking for a little inspiration, and if you’re a party planner like me you want your next event to be even better than the last. So where is one to go for inspiration? Outside of Pinterest, which is a wonderful resource for generating creative ideas, I like to use my other social media outlets to follow like-minded individuals to get my creative juices flowing! A few of my favorites for inspiring party planning ideas are:

@LaurenConrad – this is her personal and professional twitter handle so amid the beautiful floral arrangements, tablescapes, and paper crafts  you’ll also get a little of her personality in the mix!

@MarthaWeddings – I love Martha Stewart. Period. The work published on her various platforms, are awe inspiring. Very pin-worthy if you’re keeping your own inspiration board on Pinterest!

@PartyPlannersNB – Party planner’s notebook has lots of fun ideas, and promotes party suppliers that might come in handy when you’re looking for specialty items for your events!

@Toadstoolparty – This one is specific to children’s parties which are among my favorites to plan, great resource for children themes and decorations.

Check them out and follow on twitter to broaden your party planning horizons! And of course you can follow me at @iamhappyheather!

My Party Theme Bucket List

Party theme bucket listParty themes can be hit or miss. Generally, people fall into two categories when it comes to this topic, they either love them or hate them. I love them. A good themed party is exactly my cup of tea and they are my favorite kinds of events to plan because creativity is limitless and it’s always fun to plan perfectly on theme decorations and menus.

Because I love entertaining, I put a theme to almost any gathering held in my home, regardless of whether the guests are aware at the time of invitation (although it’s much better to incorporate the theme into the invitation itself). No matter how small or large the gathering, I like to have a basic theme tying the whole thing together.

My Pinterest board called “Party Inspirations” is one of my most pinned to boards, it’s mostly filled with decorations, invitations, and menu ideas but it also has some fun themes that I’m itching to bring to life. Here is the start of a bucket list of parties to host (or plan for someone else), chances are this will continue to grow:

1. Hogwarts Dinner Party
2. Whodunnit!? Murder Mystery Party (preferably with a Clue theme within the theme)
3. Wine & Painting Party
4. The Real Housewives of Disney Party
5. Julia Child Inspired Dinner Party
6. Capitol Party (Hunger Games theme) (check)
7. Terrible Tu-Tu Party (kids birthday)
8. The Witches Ball Halloween Party

What is an Event Planner?

Event planner quote

I read this quote in an article on eventmanagerblog.com entitled “5 Event Planner Cliches That Are No Longer True” by Bethany Smith. This quote completely embodies how I feel about being an event planner. So often people think event planners are just party planners, and all they do is attend parties. Events of all sizes and purposes, from a social or corporate perspective, take a lot of work and a good planner has the appropriate experience to bring concept to life in a way that makes the experience pain free and enjoyable for the host and guests.