Welcome to the World

On May 21, 2017 at 7:19 a.m., Arlo Nicholas Saxton made his debut two weeks early (I was exactly 38 weeks). After laboring for about 24 hours (from the time my water broke until the time we realized he wasn’t coming out vaginally), I ended up having a cesarian section, but I don’t have many complaints. Other than him getting stuck, my labor was fairly uneventful and didn’t hurt nearly as much as I feared (thank you epidural – but even that I waited quite a while for).

Our hearts grew with our family that day. I imagine it the way the Grinch’s heart grew and broke the X-ray frame, that’s how it felt anyway. So much love in our little family.

Welcome to the World, Arlo!

Arlo Birth Announcement

Adventures in Pregnancy – Journaling

When I found out I was pregnant, I felt pressured to keep a journal but it seemed a bit hokey to me. I found this journal online and thought it was a good solution. It has pages for each week of pregnancy so you can write down anything notable that’s happening. It also has sections for things you found out at appointments, keeping track of questions to ask your doctor, cute little sketches to illustrate funny things that happen, lists of cravings, etc. Very cute and not too hokey. I would definitely recommend it to pregnant friends!

40ish Weeks


Adventure Awaits – Nursery

After we found out we were having a boy we nailed down our nursery theme fairly quickly. I had been thinking about it probably from the moment I found out we were having a baby. If it was a boy we wanted to go with a Travel Adventure theme incorporating air (hot air balloons), land (maps), and sea (compasses, and sea creatures). I love how the nursery turned out and can’t wait to see our baby boy grow in this room.

Side note: If it was a girl I was leaning toward a Secret Garden theme – maybe someday. 

Our Little Adventurer

I made this sign using pallet wood, paint and paint markers. It hangs on the outside of the door entering the nursery.

Reading Corner

The READ letters on the wall are maps and the arrow points down to the bookshelf. This will be a perfect nook to raise a little reader.

Nursery Details

Adventure awaits our little one with dirigibles and hot air balloons floating in a cloud-filled sky, plus nautical details above the changing table. We cropped the picture here because the corner piece is the first letter of our baby’s name, which we were keeping secret until he was born.

More details

Displaying some of our favorite books on the wall. Our colors pallet includes dark sea green (teal), grey and pops of orange.

Adventures in Pregnancy: Gender Reveal

In January, right around the 20-week mark, we found out we were having a baby boy! We asked our family to tell us their official guess ahead of time and tallied whether they thought it was going to be a “witch” (girl) or a “wizard” (boy). Overwhelming, our family thought it was a girl, so we surprised them big time with our announcement.

Interestingly, I’ve heard that pregnant women sometimes dream (correctly) about the gender of the baby. Maybe this is intuition at work, or maybe it’s just a coincidence but the night before our doctor appointment I had a very bizarre dream that in order to find out the baby’s gender they had to deliver the baby and then reinsert him into my uterus to finish cooking. In that dream, the baby was a boy. Before that I had been split between whether I thought it would be a boy or a girl, more leaning toward a girl in the beginning but was interested to see if my dream turned out to be true (well the gender part anyway). Turns out it was!

Here are our gender reveal photos, announcing our little wizard!

Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal 2