Adventures in Pregnancy: My Second Trimester

As I mentioned in my last post, I fully intended to document things week to week, unfortunately, I didn’t get around to this until this week (week 28 and the start of my third trimester), so I decided to compile things by trimester with a few outliers on more specific topics.
It’s true what they say, the second trimester is the sweet spot. It took me a few weeks to get over my near constant nausea after the first trimester and then I almost immediately got heart burn. So bad in fact that I actually threw up. I hadn’t thrown up at all to this point and it was horrible. Luckily for me, it was only one day! Around 20 weeks I hit my stride and was feeling pretty great for about a month.
Gender reveal:
As you can probably guess, I’m a planner. So when people asked if we were going to find out the baby’s gender, it was a no-brainer. We wanted to know. We were a little worried that the baby would not cooperate, at an earlier ultrasound the baby was kind of shy and turn in on itself. But it was very easy for the ultrasound tech to spot our baby’s little penis. It’s a boy!

Its a boy
This came as a big surprise to the majority of our family and friends. I think we had only 3 or 4 people guess that it would be a boy and literally everyone else thought girl. So it was fun to take everyone by surprise!
Growing bump:
Between 24-26 weeks I think baby had a major growth spurt. I’m a very small person, with very limited space for my growing nugget, so everything just pops way out front making me look very, very pregnant. I actually love my bump! It makes me feel connected to my baby because he’s right there for me to snuggle all the time.
That being said, I’m over people asking me my due date and then looking shocked that I still have a few months to go. I try to be nice but I’m about ready to scream “You try fitting a soccer ball in your uterus when you’re five feet tall and see how it looks!”
What’s worse is that I constantly get told things like “my friend is due around the same time as you, and she’s barely showing”. To which I usually reply, “how tall is your friend?” Ninety-nine percent of the time the person they are comparing me to is at least 10 inches taller than me. So yeah. My baby is the right size, I’ve gained the appropriate amount of weight. So let’s all just get over how “big” I look.
Glucose testing:
At 25 weeks I had my first glucose test, it wasn’t nearly as bad as people made it out to be. The sugary solution just tasted like flat sprite to me. Unfortunately, I didn’t pass that test and had to come back for the three-hour glucose test. That was not my favorite. The sugary drink was way worse for the three-hour test and then I just got to sit there (on an empty tummy because you have to fast) and get poked every hour for three hours. I didn’t pass that test either and so I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Not news anyone really wants to get.
You may be thinking, “she did just finish telling us about how big she’s getting, this totally makes sense.” Nope, not so much. I actually didn’t have any major risk factors other than being over 30 years old, sometimes this stuff happens. My body just doesn’t want to make the amount of insulin needed during pregnancy. So now I’m watching my carb intake and poking my finger four times a day to keep an eye on things. This has only been going on for about a week so we’ll see how things go.
Here are some pictures to see how my bump has grown in the second trimester:

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