Reading Challenge: October 2015

Reading Challenge ImageMy reading challenge is going strong but I need to pick things up if I’m going to reach my goal in the next two months! This month I decided to read spooky books to get in the Halloween spirit!


I’ve been meaning to read this book because 1) I love middle reader literature, and 2) I love Jason Segel! This is a super fun story about a boy who gets sucked in to the nightmare realm and has to not only face his fears, but also help his friends face theirs in order to escape. Great read and timely for the Halloween season. I would definitely recommend this book and am excited to read the sequel in the near future..Learn more here. 

The Legend of Sleepy HollowThe legend of sleepy hollow
by washington irving

Sticking to my spooky reading theme for the month of October I decided to read some classics. I tried to read Frankenstein but the leap from Nightmares! to that one was pretty big and I just couldn’t get in to it so I picked up The Legend of Sleepy Hollow which was perfect. It’s short and easy to get through and has a mild mysterious element. I will say that if you haven’t read this but have seen the Johnny Depp movie version the movie takes a LOT of creative liberties and it really doesn’t follow the Washington Irving story at all…  Learn more here. 


I don’t know how I managed to get through elementary school and middle school without reading this book. I completely loved it! About a young woman who, having lost her grandfather, moves to Connecticut to live with her Puritan relatives. Kit tries hard to fit in but has a passion for life that doesn’t mesh with the conservative lifestyle of her aunt’s family. Every time I read this my husband said “oh, are you still reading that book about the witch?” And every single time I had to tell him it wasn’t about a witch, which made me laugh. It also has a very predictable but satisfying ending, which is something I really love about this genre…  Learn more here. 

Goal standing:
26/35 total books (still three behind!)

I did manage to read about half of Life & Death by Stephenie Meyer so I’m already half a book in for November. Hopefully I can read 4-5 books this month to help get me more caught up on my goal!