Reading Challenge: September 2015

Reading Challenge ImageWell, I managed to read two books in September and even though I really should have read three to try to catch up to my goal I’m still hopeful that I can get there by the end of the year!


I picked this book up at a book sale a few years ago and it pops up on a lot of lists like “If you loved Harry Potter you’ll love this”. I will say it is not like Harry Potter. I don’t want to mislead anyone by saying they are similar, but it was a very good read and I did enjoy it very much. It is a longer book – 648 pages according to Goodreads, and it took me a bit longer than most books do. I tend to read books very quickly and binge read for hours on end but this one took me about a month to get through. This story follows four women in the same family in different time periods,  Eliza & Rose, Nell and Cassandra. Their stories are woven together to solve the mystery of Nell’s past and where she came from. I would definitely recommend this book, even if i do think the reputation of fantasy and magic was exaggerated a bit… Learn more here.


This is another book that I’ve been meaning to read for ages and just never got around to. Which is precisley why I chose it for our book club. It was my turn to pick a book and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to read something on my ever growing “to-read” list. This book was very different than I thought it was going to be but I liked it. It follows twin sisters who have psychic “senses”,  although one has given hers up for a more normal life. After a small earthquake in their hometown of St. Louis, Vi predicts another more catastrophic earthquake in the near future. The story follows Kate (Vi’s sister) in the month leading up to the predicted earthquake and what happens afterward. I expected this to feel more like a mystery or thriller, which I wouldn’t consider it to be but there are some somewhat surprising twists in the end. My favorite line in the whole book is ” The baloney wants to fly!” as said by Kate’s two year old, Rosie…  Learn more here. 


23/35 total books (still three behind, drat!)

I think I’ve got to face it that I’m not going to get in 3 more happy books, business books or biographies. Maybe a couple more but it I don’t get there, that’s okay. I’m more concerned about the overall total!

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