My Favorites: Halloween Decorations


Every October I like to decorate my home with festive Halloween accents! This in addition to the 13 Nights of Halloween really gets me in the holiday spirit! Right now, I’m loving my spooky decor!

Crafting Corner – Organizing for Small Spaces

My husband and I live in a small, one bedroom apartment which generally is enough space for us at this time in our lives and which we have enjoyed decorating. That being said, due to the size we are forced to multipurpose certain areas including our dining area which is also currently serving as a place for my husband to study (he is in nursing school) and to nurture his hobby of painting these amazing miniatures, which he clearly has a talent for.

Warhammer Minis-small

These are necessary functions in our life and right now, the communal space of our dining area is the only option we have, but the mess that can accumulate from the multiple activities taking place in this space is often the bane of my existence. If the dining table isn’t covered in papers and books for studying, the miniature materials are escaping from the confines of their designated space. The table is almost never clear, and we are constantly shifting things around to make space to be able to eat together.

The before pictures below depict the space in one of it’s more unruly states but this is a common occurrence in our home. Starting from the left, the book shelf has become flooded with extra items from school projects, to painting projects, books and assignments; the items are a disheveled hodge podge. Paint bottles are everywhere and there is no good place for them to be both accessible and tidy. The top right picture shows how these materials are spilling out onto the table and bar stools. And finally the lower right picture shows how boxes cannot be contained to the corner and are creeping out into my lovely “dining room”.

Painting Station Before - small

As an organizer, I couldn’t have this and thankfully my husband consented to letting me sort and move items around to create a better system for this shared space. First, I started emptying the space and matching like items. There were a lot of small bits in random boxes that I could easily group together and consolidate. I was able to move a large storage box from the desk top to a shelf below which opened up the space on top of the desk for spreading out during painting projects. Next (and this is by far my favorite addition) I bought a clear wall rack for the paints. This actually wasn’t able to hold all of the paint but a good majority of it, and the rest of the paints are stored below the desk. This way, my husband can keep the paint he’s using on the rack and store away those he doesn’t need at the moment. The rack not only looks orderly, it makes for a nice colorful backspash to his work station.

I reworked the bookcase, and added some storage boxes, leaving room on the top shelves to display some of his finished work. And due to the consolidation of items, everything fit inside the desk/filing cabinet and in the corner without spilling out.

The table still needs to be used for studying, so I got a canvas storage tote that we can easily clear papers and books into and store below the table when it’s time to eat.

Painting Station After - Small

This project took a full afternoon to complete but I’m so happy with the result. I purchase just a few plastic storage bins, the magazine files for the book shelf and the paint rack; spending less than $80 in total. The paint rack was the most expensive item at $50, but it was well worth the cost. Now I can enjoy a clean and organized space and everything has a place for easy upkeep.


Much better right? If you have a small space that you could use some help organizing, I’m happy to help! Check out my Happy Spaces page for more information!

Reading Challenge: September 2015

Reading Challenge ImageWell, I managed to read two books in September and even though I really should have read three to try to catch up to my goal I’m still hopeful that I can get there by the end of the year!


I picked this book up at a book sale a few years ago and it pops up on a lot of lists like “If you loved Harry Potter you’ll love this”. I will say it is not like Harry Potter. I don’t want to mislead anyone by saying they are similar, but it was a very good read and I did enjoy it very much. It is a longer book – 648 pages according to Goodreads, and it took me a bit longer than most books do. I tend to read books very quickly and binge read for hours on end but this one took me about a month to get through. This story follows four women in the same family in different time periods,  Eliza & Rose, Nell and Cassandra. Their stories are woven together to solve the mystery of Nell’s past and where she came from. I would definitely recommend this book, even if i do think the reputation of fantasy and magic was exaggerated a bit… Learn more here.


This is another book that I’ve been meaning to read for ages and just never got around to. Which is precisley why I chose it for our book club. It was my turn to pick a book and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to read something on my ever growing “to-read” list. This book was very different than I thought it was going to be but I liked it. It follows twin sisters who have psychic “senses”,  although one has given hers up for a more normal life. After a small earthquake in their hometown of St. Louis, Vi predicts another more catastrophic earthquake in the near future. The story follows Kate (Vi’s sister) in the month leading up to the predicted earthquake and what happens afterward. I expected this to feel more like a mystery or thriller, which I wouldn’t consider it to be but there are some somewhat surprising twists in the end. My favorite line in the whole book is ” The baloney wants to fly!” as said by Kate’s two year old, Rosie…  Learn more here. 


23/35 total books (still three behind, drat!)

I think I’ve got to face it that I’m not going to get in 3 more happy books, business books or biographies. Maybe a couple more but it I don’t get there, that’s okay. I’m more concerned about the overall total!

It’s the Holiday Season, Have a Freebie on Me!

Today is the official start of the Holiday Season! I believe that the holiday season begins October 1st and ends on January 2nd, encompassing Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, My Birthday (unofficial), and New Year’s. It’s my favorite time of year. To celebrate I wanted to launch my very first Happy Heather freebie! In this post you can download one of two specially designed Happy Heather desktop background images for October!

Something Wicked - HappyHeather

Something Wicked This Way Comes | Happy Heather Desktop Background – Click to download a 1280 x 960 image for your desktop.

Happy October - HappyHeather

Happy October | Happy Heather Desktop Background – Click to download a 1280 x 960 image for your desktop.

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