My Favorites: All the Smells

FavoritesMy favorites this week are both scents! First in a nontraditional sense. My washing machine was smelling HORRIBLE! So I decided to figure out how to clean it. Turns out, front loading washing machines get really moldy/mildewy. Gross. I found this amazing article on Pinterest to help me clean up mine and now it smells fresh, clean and like bleach (which is a good thing)! Not just that, I bought new laundry detergent that smells fantastic so my bathroom (where the laundry is) is very fragrant now in a good way!


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Secondly, I broke out the fall Scentsy scents this weekend with some Carrot Cake scented wax and my apartment now smells amazing. Between these great smells and the nice weather that had my windows open all weekend, I’m a happy camper.

I’m also still in the throws of Veronica Mars and am obsessed. I love it and I can’t wait to watch the movie when I’m caught up with the series. I have been good and haven’t caught too many spoilers, but I’m Team Logan all the way!

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