Organize Your Junk Drawer in 6 Easy Steps

Organize Your Junk Drawer In 6 Easy Steps

The dreaded junk drawer. Everyone has one, mine isn’t even a drawer it’s a Rubbermaid that I keep on the top of my refrigerator that I call my “crap box”. These are necessary evils in the effort toward keeping a clean and tidy living space. But sometimes the junk drawer becomes so full and overwhelming it completely loses it’s ability to be a useful addition to your organized home or office. Here are 6 easy steps to organizing your junk drawer and regaining the function behind it.

1. Start with a clean slate. It’s easier to not include something back into a clean space than to try to maneuver around all that junk. Empty the drawer completely before attempting to organize it.

2. Throw away any unused or unnecessary items. In particular paper items tend to clog up  the junk drawer causing frustration as they fall out every time you open it. If you’re handing on to coupons that expired six months ago, toss them out!

3. Line the drawer with festive paper. Use contact paper or craft paper to line the bottom of the drawer. This is an optional design tip that will help you want to keep your drawer in order so you can enjoy the pop of pattern or color every time you open it.










4. Buy inexpensive organizing trays, or craft your own if you’re looking for a fun DIY project. Here are some good ones I found on Pinterest! Plus if you use clear organizing trays you’ll be able to see your fun drawer lining from step 3. To maximize your organization, double up with stack-able containers.










5. Group related items. Now that your drawer is clean, decorated, and your organizational containers are in place. Group items that should be put back in to the drawer with related items. For example, office supplies like rubber bands, tacks, and pens; or beauty supplies like nail clippers, filing boards and bobby pins.

6. Consider using containers with lids to keep small loose items together. You can label the containers so you can easily find what you are looking for. I love an excuse to label something!

Once your drawer is organized the best way to keep it that way is to do regular check ins. It’s likely to accumulate more “junk” once it’s cleaned out so revisit the drawer once every month or two and follow these 6 steps to keep your junk drawer in order!

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