My Party Theme Bucket List

Party theme bucket listParty themes can be hit or miss. Generally, people fall into two categories when it comes to this topic, they either love them or hate them. I love them. A good themed party is exactly my cup of tea and they are my favorite kinds of events to plan because creativity is limitless and it’s always fun to plan perfectly on theme decorations and menus.

Because I love entertaining, I put a theme to almost any gathering held in my home, regardless of whether the guests are aware at the time of invitation (although it’s much better to incorporate the theme into the invitation itself). No matter how small or large the gathering, I like to have a basic theme tying the whole thing together.

My Pinterest board called “Party Inspirations” is one of my most pinned to boards, it’s mostly filled with decorations, invitations, and menu ideas but it also has some fun themes that I’m itching to bring to life. Here is the start of a bucket list of parties to host (or plan for someone else), chances are this will continue to grow:

1. Hogwarts Dinner Party
2. Whodunnit!? Murder Mystery Party (preferably with a Clue theme within the theme)
3. Wine & Painting Party
4. The Real Housewives of Disney Party
5. Julia Child Inspired Dinner Party
6. Capitol Party (Hunger Games theme) (check)
7. Terrible Tu-Tu Party (kids birthday)
8. The Witches Ball Halloween Party

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