My Favorites: Veronica Mars & French Cooking


So many small things were making me happy last week but this past weekend was another great one! I’ve been trying to get my hands on the first season of Veronica Mars. It seems like a show I would be into so I thought I’d give it a try. Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t have it, Hulu Plus doesn’t have it and Amazon Prime does have it but I don’t have that so I was out of luck. I didn’t want to buy the seasons because I wasn’t sure whether or not I would like the show enough re-watch over and over again?

Lucky for me, the public library has all of the seasons.Unlucky for me the first season was checked out so I had to get on the waiting list. I only had to wait about a week and I picked it up on Saturday. Turns out, I’m loving it! I’m already about halfway through the first season!

Another thing making me happy this week is French food! Last week while doing my meal planning I realized that I didn’t have much going on this past weekend and it was a perfect opportunity to try something a little more involved. I love cooking and find being in the kitchen very relaxing. So I decided to try making Julia Child’s recipe for Boeuf Bourguignon. Then later in the week I found a recipe for crepes and realized I had all the ingredients so I decided to make Sunday a French cooking day! I made lemon crepes for breakfast (I adapted this recipe to make it more lemony)¬†and spent the afternoon making a delectable Boeuf Bourguignon¬†and both were a smashing success! I have a feeling I’ll be coming up with more ways to incorporate crepes into my weekly routine. My husband approved of both. It’s always nice when you hear a lot of “mmmms” when people eat your food.

Here are a couple pictures I captured of the delicious French meals:

Bouef Borguignon Lemon Crepes

So that’s what’s been making me happy, until next week everyone!

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