My Favorites – Perfect Balanced Weekend


This weekend was full of friend gatherings and family time; and I even managed to sneak in some relaxation to recharge for the week ahead. In other words, it was a perfectly balanced weekend and it made me very happy.

I’m what’s considered an extroverted introvert. Meaning, among people that I know and feel comfortable around I’m an extroverted person but if not, I tend toward introversion. For this reason, I need to recharge my batteries with alone time on a regular basis. But there come times where I crave spending time with good friends. As it happens, I usually end up planning or participating in multiple friend gatherings in one week. Which might seem overwhelming but that’s how like it!

It’s oddly invigorating and feeds the soul to have a jam packed weekend full of love from friends and family. Generally when this happens though, the relaxation goes by the wayside but this weekend because of the timing of each event I was able to squeeze in reading, vegging, and my favorite from last week “Bachelor in Paradise”.

To top it all off, I was able to wake up early this morning and be productive before work which is a great start to the week!

And that’s what’s making me happy this week.

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