Maximize Organization for Your Small Bathroom

Bathroom Organizing

Just because your bathroom is small, doesn’t mean it can’t be perfectly organized and functional. The key to any organizing project is identifying the space available and using it to it’s full potential. Three sneaky spaces you shouldn’t over look when trying to get the most out of your small bathroom are:

  1. Above the toilet – this is the perfect space for a small cabinet, hanging shelves or an over toilet standing shelf.
  2. Under the sink – this space can easily become over run with junk stuffed away out of sight. Organizing under the sink with containers, dividers, and baskets will help keep everything in it’s place, easy to find, and wont leave you with the dangers of falling items every time you open the cabinet doors.
  3. Behind the door – this area can be overlooked because we often don’t even look behind the door unless it’s closed. You can use hooks or hanging bars here for towels and robes!

Bonus: Use containers for all your small items like Q-Tips, bobby pins, hair ties, etc. These will easily fit inside the drawers, under the sink or in your storage above the toilet and will both decrease clutter and save you time when searching for what you need!

Here are a few of my favorites from the container store: Under the sink mesh drawers, acrylic canisters, style station (counter top, or under the sink).

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