The Positive Impact of Tiny Miracles

Miracles are often thought of as extraordinary events that surpass all human or natural powers. We often hear stories of miraculous recoveries from illness or survival stories from terrible accidents or disasters but sometimes the real power of miracles lies in the everyday occurrences that have positive impact on our lives.

A tiny miracle might include a co-worker offering a helping hand when you’re feeling overwhelmed, or your children finally settling down so you have a rare quite moment in your day, or not encountering traffic when you’re already running late. These small things, if recognized can lead to a positive boost in our moods.

One of the top sited ways for increasing personal happiness is the practice of mindfulness. When exercising mindfulness, one focuses on being fully present in experiencing thoughts, feelings and sensations.  Being mindful enough to acknowledge the tiny miracles in our lives not only fosters a sense of goodwill for a more positive mindset but can also reduce the effects of stress.

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